Action Learning – Adding to the Bottom-Line | DR. BEA CARSON

Breakthrough Solutions We have heard the amazing stories of how Action Learning achieves breakthrough solutions thus adding to the bottom-line. A division of a Fortune 500 company boasted of doubling in value in just 18 months because of Action Learning. Action Learning teams think differently – thus seeing the possible instead of being hindered by […]

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How to Become it – How to Achieve it – Introduction to Executive Presence | Diane Craig

Why Executive Presence? Today’s business professionals face the challenges of a fiercely competitive marketplace. Creating a personal brand is vital – in order to stand out from all this competition. Yet, brand creation alone is not enough. It’s imperative to send a clear message of proficiency, adeptness and power. And that’s exactly what Executive Presence […]

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10 Ways Coaching Can Benefit Your Organization


Progressively, organizations understand the many advantages of creating ability through mentoring and coaching programs. However, questions are often raised about the usability of coaching tools for achieving excellence within an organization be it an in-house coaching or hiring an external coach. This article deeply examines each of the benefits of hiring a coach for the […]

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