5 Highest Paying Jobs In Pakistan

In Pakistan as unemployment is expanding step by step and has come to on the pinnacle and roughly many number of the people are unemployed. While on the other hand we have a wide variety of jobs that are highly well paid and yield great returns. So here we will talk about those occupations which are giving most astounding paying employments in Pakistan.

  1. Chartered Accountant
    Chartered accountants are taking great compensation bundle from their occupations and after experience of couple of years some are currently making around 2 to 4 Lacs effectively. Each substantial organization and association requires chartered accountants for their reviewing and other record related assignments. Organizations enlist CAs for the post of Accountants, Chief Financial Officer, Internal Audit Officers, Treasurer Officer, Financial Analyst and others.Compensation Range: Rs. 75000/ – to Rs. 450000/ -
  2. Programming engineers/Application Developer
    Programming Engineering is still exceptionally in vogue due to its high compensation bundles. Different programming organizations in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are procuring youthful graduates as internee to begin their way. Programming Engineering is extremely incomprehensible field and their are numerous chances to travel to another country in bigger organizations.Pay: from Rs. 50000/ – to 300000/ -
  3. Mechanical Engineers
    Qualified mechanical architects land positions rapidly in Pakistan and uncommonly in Saudi Arabia and other center eastern nations in different on going ventures. It is a way with part of profession development with the progression of time. The following is points of interest of pay range in various areas.  Compensation: Rs. 35000/ – to Rs. 250000/ -
  4. IT Managers
    Each Factory and organization requires IT directors. They are generously compensated individuals everybody, just in Pakistan as well as everywhere throughout the world. Their primary employment is computer and IT related. They are in charge of different errands.Compensation Range: Rs. 30000/ – to Rs. 200000/ -
  5. HR Managers

    Known as the Human Resource managers, executives, heads, etc this is the most essential department of any organization to enable smooth running of basic employee related issues of the organization such as workforce management, remunerations, employee contingency planning, payrolls, etc. Mostly selected by females in Pakistan this is again a very well paid job in Pakistan.

    Salary: HR manager’s salary range is from Rs. 35000 to Rs. 150000.

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