Digital Divide 5 Ways to bridge the gap

Digital Divide: 5 Ways to bridge the gap!

Digital divide is a term that refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to cutting edge data and interchanges innovation, and those that don’t or have confined access. This innovation can incorporate the phone, TV, PCs and the Web.

Well before the late twentieth century, advanced partition alluded essentially to the division between those with and without phone access; after the late 1990s the term started to be utilized for the most part to depict the split between those with and without Web access, especially broadband.

There are numerous conceivable clarifications for the partition, for instance gender, age, instruction, wage, race, and area, and to political, religious or social components. With internet cafes popping up in ever more remote towns and villages, and barriers due to gender, age, etc. decreasing in many countries, the digital divide appears to be diminishing.  However, there are numerous routes in which we can guarantee to eradicate this digital divide completely:

Focus on Digital Literacy: 
Preparing on the best way to utilize the Web is basic to shutting the advanced hole. Through the preparation, individuals come to acknowledge how fundamental the Web had gotten to be to regular errands like paying bills, applying for occupations, hunting down therapeutic data and assisting with children’s homework, and so forth.

Encourage banks to set up Cyber Clubs: 
Much like the “Christmas Clubs” where individuals can make stores into a record for future innovation buys. As an alternative to giving a child a doll or game for a gift, take that money and deposit it into the account.

More use of Mobile communication: 
Cellular telephones are progressively assuming an essential part in forming activism, bringing issues to light, and at last giving residents a voice. New versatile stages are basic and compact which require only simple text messaging capability to be used as a tool for a host of activities, from providing logistical support in natural disasters to tracking violence.


Hold more and targeted local, state and national and international “town meetings” on the web with elected and appointed officials answering questions and listening to solutions from constituents.  System thoughts with assets and individuals to finish the mission.

Partner for success: 
A scope of associations between neighborhood group associations, privately owned businesses, libraries and government were vital to this current task’s accomplishments, and incorporated an elected boost allow that brought in additional funding, and the donated, refurbished laptops.

Creating nations and effective, industrialized countries can both advantage monetarily and socially from the Web extending and expanding overall utilization of the net. The Web goes about as a passage that connects a large number of individuals and is used to convey thoughts and go about as potential purchasers and merchants in a worldwide economy. The Web has made an overall gathering for discourse and has created an upheaval of development and enterprise through E-commerce.


Shireen GulAuthor : Shireen Gul

She is a communication professional with expertise in public relations, digital media and journalism. Being a communication graduate with extensive experience in digital media and journalism from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois she has a special interest towards writing and journalism. She has made some special contribution to different magazines like Tribune, The Clippers, Monthly Balucea Magazine and others.

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